Retail Email Marketing

Digital Retail Marketing Solutions

Email Acquisition

Email remains the highest performing marketing channel for retailers, and it all starts with an accurate list. Our omnichannel solutions help you acquire shopper email addresses – both online and in-store – so you can engage subscribers and drive sales, lengthen customer lifecycles and reduce churn.

Subscriber Engagement

Send personal messages to subscribers at the right point in the buying journey, driving conversions and strengthening customer relationships. Solutions include automated welcome series, nurturing campaigns, re-engagement, promotional messages and other behaviorally-triggered messages.

Remarketing Solutions

Our automated remarketing solutions, such as shopping cart recovery and browse remarketing, will re-engage shoppers with the right message at the right time to aid in purchase decisions and prompt sales. These campaigns have the highest response rates and will significantly increase your conversion rate.

LifeCycle Marketing

Drive additional, on-going purchases with our LifeCycle marketing solutions. These powerful, automated campaigns increase lifetime value and loyalty by easily tracking buying cycles to deploy multi-step messages designed to re-engage, nurture and win back customers, keeping your brand top of mind and your messages authentic.

Campaign Management

Create truly personal, one-to-one communications, such as email, mobile and social, that are optimized for performance across multiple touchpoints. From our single, integrated digital marketing platform, you can design, personalize, test, schedule and deploy highly relevant and timely campaigns. Listrak is sophisticated, yet easy to use to dramatically save you time and increase functionality.

Single Platform

Access all customer and campaign data from one login. Our single, integrated digital marketing platform provides a global view and allows you to use your real-time data to personalize messages on a one-to-one basis whether on desktop, tablet, mobile device or social site.


Our intuitive platform enables you to personalize and automate any number of triggered campaigns. From a single message to a series of relevant and customized messages, our platform gives you the flexibility to create sophisticated, ongoing campaigns.

Ease of Integration

Efficiently and seamlessly integrate Listrak into your digital marketing mix. Our platform integrates with multiple customer data sources and eCommerce platforms so you'll be creating and tracking successful campaigns in no time.

Customer Engagement

Now you can leverage customer data collected across every channel and touchpoint – online, in-store or even through social networks. Our unique merchandising cloud allows you to use all of this data for real-time targeting and personalization so you engage customers and prompt action.

Merchandising Cloud

Our exclusive data hub harnesses 360° customer insights from every touchpoint, allowing you to control the recommended products you promote.

List Management

Campaign success relies on clean data, and Listrak automates many of the laborious tasks, such as hygiene, segmentation, preferences and bounce management.


We offer the most advanced deliverability features – including unique IPs and reputation management – to ensure that every message reaches your customer's inbox intact on any device.

Insights and Analytics

Listrak's platform gives you real-time, customizable dashboard reporting, allowing you to tie revenue directly to campaigns, track conversions over time and optimize results through actionable analytics. Heat maps provide a quick view of what is working best, and can also drill down to monitor engagement levels, activity and customer-specific metrics as needed.

Global View

Gain actionable insights into your omnichannel campaigns through our powerful and easy to use reporting tools.

Dashboard Reporting

Interactive reports are customizable so you see the data that matters most to your marketing goals. Schedule reports for automatic delivery.

Retail-Specific Reports

Because we're solely focused on the retail industry, we've created specific reporting based on retailers' needs, making it easier for you to define success.