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Single, Integrated Digital Marketing Platform for Retailers

Listrak Digital Marketing Solutions

With Listrak, you get a single, integrated digital marketing platform that is powered by our merchandising cloud, a comprehensive data hub of 360° shopper insights, allowing you to create personalized campaigns that drive incremental revenue and ROI.

Listrak is solely focused on the retail industry. We are uniquely qualified to help retailers optimize digital marketing campaigns by engaging customers with timely, relevant, personalized, shoppable messages across multiple channels.

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Consistent Messaging at Every Customer Touchpoint

Expect more from your email channel with Listrak's enterprise-grade email platform. Now you can create automated campaigns that engage customers across multiple channels. The campaigns are based on 360° customer insights for the most personalized, segmented and relevant messaging.

Product Recommender

Listrak's omnichannel recommendation suite allows you to build customer-centric campaigns that are automatically personalized to each shopper. You can feature merchandise and offers that meet each customer's individual preferences across channels with ease and flexibility.


Over half of all emails sent from retailers are being opened on mobile devices. Listrak's mobile optimization solution gives you the ability to reach your on-the-go shoppers, allowing them to easily engage with your messages on any screen size. You can also send SMS communications to drive conversions, loyalty and signups.

The power of social is at your fingertips with Listrak's social marketing tools. Combining social elements with email marketing allows you to engage your audience and expand your reach, and ultimately leads to increased conversions and revenue.


Enable truly personal, one-to-one marketing campaigns online with Listrak's web marketing solutions. Acquire customers' email addresses and gather shopper preferences and purchase data in real time – then use the information to connect with them through product recommendations and other relevant and timely omnichannel campaigns.


The ability to present a consistent and personal shopping experience to your customers no matter where or how they shop is essential to your success. Listrak's solutions let you collect and leverage customer data from every channel while acquiring subscribers and customers at every touchpoint.