CPG Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital marketing deepens customer relationships
beyond the store shelf

Expand your products and brands beyond the direct-to-consumer store shelf and truly get to know who your customers are and build deep, long-lasting relationships with them. Listrak's expertise in cross-channel marketing automation solutions gives you the tools you need to do all of this and more. Deliver personalized communication in email, display ads and your social networks from our single integrated platform; keeping your products and brands top of mind. Drive acquisition, loyalty and organically establish your expertise through our digital marketing solutions.

Understand Your Customers

Digital marketing strategies must be fully integrated into your larger sales and marketing programs. This reflects the multichannel nature of today‚Äôs shoppers and their demand for real-time connectivity. With Listrak you can build out your relationship marketing strategies, with guidance from our digital marketing experts as needed. Consumer insights collected from multiple channels are made available in the Listrak platform to help you measure shopper engagement and loyalty as well as inform inventory-related business decisions.

Digital Marketing Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods
  • King Arthur Flour
  • Peet's Coffee & Tea
  • Bare Bones Broth
  • Quest Nutrition