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for retail, A&E, and CPG

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Customers have more choices than ever before – they can choose where, when and how they shop. That’s why you need the right solutions in place to acquire, engage, nurture, convert and cultivate customer loyalty. Listrak offers a variety of cross-channel retail solutions designed to engage shoppers at every stage of the sales journey.

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Arts & Entertainment

Venues have a number of challenges when it comes to selling tickets and engaging patrons – especially when tracking results and proving ROI. Listrak designed a number of digital marketing solutions to automate these tasks so you can fill your venues quickly while driving loyalty. Our A&E clients average a 30x ROI.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Listrak’s digital marketing solutions for CPG help manufacturers get to know their customers, strengthening relationships beyond the direct-to-consumer store shelf. Drive acquisition, conversion and retention while organically establishing your expertise – our solutions can automate these tasks and more.

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